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The journey across the barren Crunchy Desert took nearly a week on foot. Only by sheer will and good fortune did you and your companions make it through the wasteland of broken glass and oily sand, alive.

Now, standing on the edge of the desert, you and your comrades peer at the bartered map you’ve carried all those long miles. The promise of adventure, unearthed tech and a better life lured you to this spot. All you need to do to achieve these goals is to learn the lay of the land, survive dangerous radiation and fight off the attacks of mutated monsters.

Welcome to Slimy Lake!

Welcome to Slimy Lake! is a Play by Post, Science Fantasy, post-apocalyptic hex crawl. It is an old school game with the emphasis on the players and their actions with plenty of ruin exploration, mutants, and radiation. Welcome to Slimy Lake! utilizes the retro clone Mutant Future rules and the mini sandbox setting created by Jeff Rients. Additional inspiration is stolen from Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Heavy Metal, and numerous other 80’s sci-fi movies, books, and TV.

Home Page

Welcome to Slimy Lake! Alvordian