General Info:
Sex Male
AC 6
HP 56
XP 0
STR 17 +2 to hit,damage,force doors
DEX 10 0 to AC, missile attack
CON 16 0 poison save modifier,radiation save modifier
INT 8 +5% tech modifier
WIL 10
CHA 8 +1 reaction adjustment,3 retainers, 6 morale
Natural Weapon:Claws (1d4 damage)
Albinism (drawback) —-2 to hit during daylight
Increased physical attribute (Strength) —+3d6 damage with hand-to-hand weapons
Acute Hyper Healing 1/week: heal at 4x normal rate & pain and fatigue free for 24 hours
Atrophied Cerebellum (drawback) —-2 to Dexterity and Intelligence
Teleport —may teleport up to 20 miles distant; modifiers based on familiarity
To Hit:
AC 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
d20 roll 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10
Saving Throws:
Energy Attacks 15
Poison or Death 12
Stun Attacks 14
Radiation 13
Weapons & Equipment:

Quarterstaff, Sling +10 stones, Studded leather armor, Backpack, -Spyglass, -Bedroll, -5 days trail rations, -waterskin, Shovel, 3 gold; 4 silver


DESCRIPTION Grub is shorter than the average human but very bulky. Despite being from armadillo stock Grub is semi-upright and somewhat humanoid though his body structure gives him a very hunch-backed appearance. He is an albino and the thick bands of knobby skin covering his back are covered with patches of spiky white hair. His arms and legs are stubby and the thick fingers of his hands have long, tough, claw-like nails. Since his skin and eyes are so sensitive to the sun Grub wears a large hooded robe and strips of leather tied around his face with thin slits to protect his eyes yet still leave him able to see. Despite having claws capable of use in combat, Grub prefers to carry a long rusty pipe for use as a quarterstaff. One end of the staff has a couple of holes and Grub likes to whirl the weapon over his head so that it makes a combined moaning and whistling sound.

BACKGROUND Grub! Grub! Grub isn’t the brightest creature and he doesn’t have much, if any, formal learning but he knows what he likes. He likes grubs. He likes his pipe-staff and he really likes the sound that it makes when he whirls it around over his head. Even though he has a hard time using it, his prized possession is an ancient spyglass that he keeps carefully stored in his pack. He likes it when people laugh at funnies because it makes him laugh too. He doesn’t like it when villagers throw rocks at him because he’s different. The last time that happened he decided it was wrong and he left the village with a couple of other mutants disliked by the locals. The others talked about Slimy Lake. He didn’t really care about the ‘treasure’ they talked about but he thought it might be nice if they found some money. Now that they’ve arrived, it looks like a good place for grubs!


Welcome to Slimy Lake! Alvordian